Ficha artística

Direction and performer
Constance Hurlé
Breo Martínez; Límbico
Music edition
Constance Hurlé
Constance Hurlé
Cándido Acuña, Aldo Paolo


Short format piece in which poetry flows from the language of the body in order to deliver a performance in which questions are asked of the self-perception of the individual, ‘woman’ reconstructed by and because of the external gaze. A struggle of the internal towards the external, a dialogue of deconstruction, destruction, acceptance and rebellion. An attempt to accept the question without an answer ‘what is and how is a woman?’. The references are a flash mob by the artist Yolanda Domínguez which involves a group of women stood still in the middle of the street holding poses taken from fashion magazines, the W.I.T.C.H. collective and the own reality and lived experiences of the performer, the author of the majority of the two texts.

The performer plays with visual arts, music, body painting and metaphor in order to outline a critique of what is feminine from the point of view of western society as well as a critique of what society and family expect of a ‘good woman’.