Artistic Team

Writer and Director
Constance Hurlé
Rui Grenha
Constance Hurlé
Clara Ferrao
Musical collaborator
Martiño Malleiro Díaz
Set advisor
María Llanderas
Linguistic corrector
Alexandre Román
Image and Audiovisuals
 Juan Blanco Delgado
María Llanderas
Alexandre Román
Martiño Malleiro Díaz
Café literario Plantas de interior

Audience prize for best show FIOT 2020

monólogo para corpo en movemento


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Micro-theatre dance piece for an unconventional space:
Lara writes sat in her seat. A ray of light enters through the window. A shadow then falls across the pane. The sound of the sea can be heard. Lara considers the shadow. She finds herself confined while the shadow sways in the winds of the Rías Baixas. Lara puts down her pen and gets up from her chair. She cries out. She leaps on to the table and starts balancing. In this position she continues her speech. Upon the window the shadow dances.

She speaks about the social crisis, about the crisis within the cultural sector, about the economic crisis. She speaks about instability, about hope, and love for the earth.

Lara jumps and begins to drag herself across the floor. Lara hears the sea, but she cannot see it. The shadow observes the sea from a distance. The shadow leaves the window. Lara and the shadow come together.