Artistic Team

Dramaturgy and direction:
Constance Hurlé
Authorship of the text:
Constance Hurlé
Choreographic direction:
Diego Buceta
Constance Hurlé
Diego Buceta
Eva Comesaña
Design of the scenic space:
Constance Hurlé
Scenographic consulting:
As dúas e punto
As dúas e punto
Sound space:
Iago Marta
Sol Álvarez
Interpretation in video creation:
Olga Cameselle
Graphic and web design:
Marta Villar Cruces


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Penélope is a piece of contemporary dance theater that seeks a scenic approach to the psychological theory of attachment. It arises from the need, increasingly present in our society, to understand the establishment and development of affective bonds established by human beings for survival.

The format is that of a piece of dance theater that begins as if it were a lecture, aiming to bring to the audience the concepts of this psychological theory through the arts of movement and performance.