Artistic Team

Writer and Director
Constance Hurlé
Rui Grenha
Illustration and Design
Juan Blanco Delgado
Constance Hurlé & Rui Grenha
Chachacha Studio
Graphic Design
Juan Blanco Delgado
La fábrica de libros
Video and Photography
 Juan Blanco Delgado

Jesús LaFuente

Music production
Bea Besada Homestudio
Musical Collaboration
Javier Pereiro “GDjazz”
Ricardo Díaz
Rubén Fernández
Xis Trío
CSA A Cova dos Ratos
La Canalla
Agrupación Fotográfica Galega
Alexandre Cancelo
Lume de Carozo
Adegas Terrae

Fin do traxecto

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Hacialaluz is a multidisciplinary art project where music, poetry and image are brought together. This theatrical proposal is realised as an illustrated publication of poems, a recording and an exhibition of illustrations from said publication. We present ourselves in multiple ways in the different spaces, but in order to lend a name to this hybrid genre we speak simply of a ‘poetic concert’. The piece comprises a musical performance, that is to say, body, voice and live guitar, alongside a small exhibition of the images found in the book of poetry, adapting to the possibilities available to us.