Hurlé (is named) in honour of my grandmother, Mimi Hurlé, to defend those silenced artists of the everyday who are the women of my maternal family, strong and creative women whom were given neither the permission nor the space to express themselves

Constance Hurlé

Constance Hurlé

Company dedicated to the creation and direction of multidisciplinary works.

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Hurlé produción

Production of theatre, music and small-format projects

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Hurlé distribucion

Distribution of theatre, music and small-format projects

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Hyperactive with no choice, she focuses on the expression of emotions and social criticism through literature and performing arts.

To materialize her ideas, she foundes Constance Hurlé,a live arts company, which would be followed by Hurlé produción e distribución, a small company in the cultural industries that not only focuses on the own artistic work, but also extends its branches to help other close artists in order to carry out their projects.

Her work as a creator, but also as a producer, always try to be critical, with gender perspective and social and environmental awareness, aiming for projects that contribute in some way to society, as she thinks that this is one of the principal responsibilities of cultural agents.

Performer, poet, jazz dancer, director and playwright of performing arts, she devotes all her energy to cultural dynamization of Galicia, through production and distribution but also through the organization of events and active participation in various initiatives and festivals of different disciplines, such as the Slam Poetry or the organization of poetry jams in the Sala Kominsky in Vigo, in addition to a strong involvement with the Galician swing scene.

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Hurlé produción e distribución works in collaboration with a group of professionals from different areas, thus covering the needs of the different projects with reliable and highly knowledgeable people in each sector.

Marta Villar
Graphic and web design

Sol Álvarez
Audiovisual production

Diego Alonso
Musical advice

Rui Grenha


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