Always on the run, Plié and Relevé arrive at the theatre to show their great choreography. The audience is ready to see the show, the music starts to play… but to their surprise, their set design is not on stage! Instead they find a mountain of plastics.

And who is this fixed, this heap of rubbish?
Is your structure underneath all this rubbish?
Will they make a fantastic show out of all this plastic?

The two dancers dive into a sea of plastic, discovering new games and creating extraordinary worlds in which they have to create culture out of rubbish.

They communicate with each other with couplets, move with invented ballet steps and use the lighting to create different atmospheres throughout the show.

Lixo is created from recycled material with which to make scenographies for the game, with plastic objects that could be simple waste. The intention of the play is to make us see, in a fun way, the problems that can arise due to the excessive and bad use we make of plastic.

40 min
Children – recommended from 2 years onwards

Artistic and Technical info:

O Baúl da tía Tola
Alfredo Rodríguez
Original idea
O Baúl da tía Tola
Soraya Paradela
Anna Cañadillas

Light and sound technician

Paula Pampillón
Dani González
O Baúl da tía Tola
La Canalla
Paula Pez
Noemí Díaz Patiño

Paula Pez

Graphic design and video editing
Marcos Mosquera
Denís Carballás
Jorge Pereira Vila
Artistic advice
Olga Cameselle

Alfredo Rodríguez