Ghastas Pista swing project is a Swing dance project led by dancer Constance Hurlé, seeking for a constant dialogue between music and dance. 

The project consists of a Jazz band, Ghastas Pista swing band, whose concerts are preceded by a lindy hop class which is open to all. While the band performs, the teachers dance for the audience. 

Inherent to Ghastas Pista are the values of equal opportunities between men and women, and the questioning of traditional gender roles, in music as well as in dance. Thus, the band’s rhythm section consists of two women. Furthermore, both dancers are women, challenging the traditional notion of the leading-male, supporting-female which tends to be predominant in social and ballroom dancing. 

Artistic Team

Producer and Dancer
Constance Hurlé
Andrea Costa
Double Bass
Yudit Almeida
Diego Alonso
Javier Pereiro “GDjazz”
Andrea González
Wilfried Wilde
Graphic design
Marta Villar
Photo and video
Diego Bea Besada
Audiovisual production
Bea Besada Studios
GHASTAS PISTA swing project


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Ghastas Pista swing project comprises two aspects:

On the one hand, we are a swing group whose repertoire is designed to enliven parties and encourage people to move their feet in time with classic swing music.

On the other hand, the concert is accompanied by the presence of two dancers who energize the event, offering an open class for beginners so that the audience in attendance may learn the basic steps of swing dancing, both on their own and in pairs. During the concert, the dancers also take charge of encouraging the audience to dance alongside them.

The event is structured in the following way:

  • An open workshop where absolute beginners receive an introduction in swing dancing. The workshop lasts 55 minutes.
  • Following on, there is a 30-minute swing session led by the workshop tutors.
  • The concert lasts for approximately two hours, divided into two parts of around 45 minutes, with a 30-minute break between. During the concert, the dancers put on a performance.
  • After the concert, there is a second session of 30 minutes.
  • If the hiring party wishes to extend the concert or dance session the fee will be increased accordingly.