A idea primaria é esnaquizalo a cabezadas embraces the non-conformist spirit of the poet Xela Arias and gathers her experimental impulse to establish a dialogue between poetry, living arts and document theatre. An imaginary, fragmented and incomplete route through Vigo in the eighties, through voices that shared Xela’s generation. An investigation that escapes from historical rigorism and proposes an experiential approach to poetry and collective memory.

María Llanderas

Actress, performer and stage creator, she works mainly in the field of performative arts and movement. She has a degree in Dramatic Art specialising in Gestural Theatre from the ESAD -Galicia and a Master’s degree in Performing Arts from the ESTC. Arts by the ESTC of Lisbon. She was a scholarship holder at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (Czech Republic) and at the Ģertrūdes ielas Theatre in Riga (Latvia).

In addition to developing her own projects, she collaborates with other artists in Riga, Lisbon and Galicia. In the 2021 and 2022 seasons, she works for the Centro Dramático Galego, under the direction of the company Pálido Domingo and Marta Pazos. In 2021 she receives a Paraíso Residence to prepare her next play ‘A idea primaria é esnaquizalo a cabezadas’, a project around the figure and poetry of Xela Arias.


Artistic Team:

Creation and interpretation
María Llanderas
Lighting and scenography
Violeta Martínez
Raquel Crespo
Rubén Prieto
Juan Blanco
Lucía Hernández
Sabela Ramos
Luján de las Llanderas
Ricardo Solveira
Café Literario Plantas de Interior
Colectivo RPM
Approximate duration

50 min